The Big Picture


Day 1


We will start our journey through the perspective of an eagle. As we get the big picture, it will be easier for us to understand why, yes why the mankind around the world does not connect with one another. What has happened through the ages with our spiritual state? Why it is so hard today for us to reach a spiritual state were we once again could be in contact with God?


From the beginning all mankind were in contact with her creator God, the source of all life. Think about it – no competition between different religions – no games of thrones, power and might. Those questions who has the right or might to decide or have the resources at their hands, were meaningless. God had created our circumstances so that everyone had enough for the day to come. No hunger, no lack – but what did happen with our state of existence? The trap to attack our minds, thoughts were set out and we bought the lie of the life time for the mankind – a long epoch of hard work to secure our existence started. Separation from God gave us emptiness into our hearts. At the beginning we had open communication with God, we were created to have fellowship with him! Now mankind slowly drifted away from God, from the security he had provided for us. After a long period man started seeking ways to reach spiritual connection. We call this for religion, for the most.

What is religion? This is very important for us to understand, so we can know what we are practicing, where we are going and what kind of a God, creator we want to meet. The word religion; re-ligio (latin, means to be re-united with (re– again + lego “choose”, “go over again” or “consider carefully” or re-ligare= to reconnect); with, yes with whom? This is the question we need to answer! Is this God non defined entity or a person of some kind? What kind of a character and moral God has?

Are we really capable to manage all different phenomena around us and in the whole universe?

It is hard for us to find the way back to fellowship with our God if we don’t know who He is and who we are met to be!

Questions to be answered! Follow us next week at our website ifgcgbg.wordpress

Pastor Kimmo

Full Gospel, Gothenburg


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