A Thankful Prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ…

A Thankful Prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ…angel3

Thank you God for this new day you have blessed me with,
Thank you for my wonderful mother, sister and rest of my family,
Thank you for ALL you healing and miracles you have blessed us with,
Thank you for your continuous healing powers within my family,
Thank you for surrounding me with loving people to help me through tough times,
Thank you for always staying by my side even when I chose to walk a different path,
Thank you for being the perfect father to me and my sister,
Thank you Lord for never giving up on me and my future,
Thank you for taking your time to show me the difference between your Love and the Love existing on this Earth,
Thank you for keeping myself and my family out of harms way,
Thank you for your Light and Spirit that is with us Always and Guides us each day,

Finally Thank you for this church that wishes to do nothing but to follow and teach your Full Gospel to a starving nation,
Lord I thank your for ALL your help and blessings that is with our congregation…and I Thank you for our Pastors and their families and everyone that serves YOU in the International Full Gospel Church and follow your guidance even when it seems everyone is against them,

Lord I Thank you for my Life and I wish your will to be done as you see fit in my life.



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