Prayers for ALL Christians in Kesab (Syria)


Christians are being BRUTALLY tortured, raped and murdered in Kessab (northern Syria…mostly Armenians in this area) because we  believe in the TRUTH! This is not the first time Christians have been brutally killed …so history definitely repeats itself! May God have mercy on their souls and may God give the loved ones of all the victims the strength to make it through! May the Holy Spirit give us all the strength! Very disturbing to see all this darkness in this world!



One thought on “Prayers for ALL Christians in Kesab (Syria)”

  1. Friend…
    I respect your opinion on the this specific Prayer Request that was made for ALL Christians in Kessab, and yes there are Christians ALL over the world. But you claim to be a Christian, and point your fingers at how ‘Christian’ I am or my congregation is…this leaves to actually question your faith and claim of Christianity. The God that I know and Love and the God that I put my Faith in to is Love without judgement! ALL mankind are sinners both YOU and I included!! No one has claimed or stated that everyone suffering or dying around the world or in Kessab are ‘innocent as doves’ as you stated, but the POWER of Prayers is way for us to connect with our Living God and to get strength in a time of trouble! Jesus Christ was crucified for US SINNERS! He died so that we could live… to claim anything otherwise is in fact going against our Lord! Yes there are MANY claimed Christians that are Christians by name but not in actions! Many churches that are asleep! Many that adjust to this World rather than adjust their world to the word of the one and only Living God! Many walk without the holy spirit and sin over and over again….but that’s for GOD to judge not for me or you! We are God’s vessels to spread the Living Word nothing more and nothing less! I stand for EVERYTHING that the Holy Bible speaks about, but I will not sacrifice a single truth in it for ANYONE! Everything that’s has occurred and is occurring is written in the Bible…TRUE…but for you to react the way you are because of a request for prayers for Christians in suffering…is VERY contradicting to what the Lord preaches!
    I pray that God saves your from the anger that you are carrying within and may the Holy Spirit show you the way and guide you through life.
    God bless you and may his grace always be with you.


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